Who are we?

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) is a member organisation committed to effectively driving, supporting and influencing the sustained growth of the UK domestic heating and hot water industry.

What do we do?

We provide:

  • Representation
  • Information
  • Influence
  • Networking & Events
  • Technical expertise
  • Benchmark Checklists
  • Industry working groups
  • Consultation responses
  • Press and PR
  • Market data
HHIC manage a wide range of industry working groups, they are;
Why join?

For companies operating within the UK heating and hotwater industry, membership of HHIC offers unrivalled benefits from a forward thinking, focused organisation delivering value for money.   We provide an environment for members to come together, have a voice and be actively involved within the energy industry.  We do this by facilitating opportunities for members to connect, engage and evolve.

As well as regular meetings allowing you to engage with your peers and expand your network, joining HHIC will further entitle you to:

  • Weekly political monitoring (each Monday)
  • Monthly industry statistics service
  • Weekly e-news bulletin (each Monday)
  • Online presence
  • Output Magazine
  • Membership Certificate
  • Discounted meeting rooms at our Warwickshire office

HHIC offer full and associate membership packages. Our associate membership is open to organisations such as; other trade bodies, individuals, innovators, charities and other industry stakeholders. Associate members join HHIC to form a strategic partnership which enhances the industry and its aims. This membership gives access to HHIC briefings, ensures associate members are informed on government consultations and policy. It also allows access to HHIC events.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact Ana Ray, Membership Services on 01925 513761 or email ana@eua.org.uk.

Alternatively, we also administer Installers First which is a community for professional, accredited heating installers. You can find out more about Installers First here; www.installersfirst.co.uk.


Latest activities and achievements...

Among other things, HHIC has:

  • Directly influenced the introduction of a minimum performance standard of domestic gas boilers (Boiler Plus) 
  • Worked with the high level Domestic Heat Strategy Group 
  • Lead work on the UK green gas agenda around Hydrogen
  • Closely monitored potential changes to the UK Wobbe index alongside various studies including siloxanes
  • Ensured the importance of water treatment is kept at the forefront of our thinking
  • Produced high quality work on UK En and ISO World standards and all relevant technical standards
  • Engaged fully with UK Government and others in relation to SAP10 and the PCDB
  • Maintained close working partnerships with leading consumer organisations  
Join us. Be heard.