• 5NOV

    Heating body launch consumer guide to buying a gas stove

    5th Nov 2019

    Heating industry trade body, the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC, have today, November 5th 2019, launched a guide to help consumers understand the many benefits of a gas stove and to showcase the inspiring designs available.

  • 7OCT

    HHIC launch updated Benchmark boiler commissioning checklist

    7th Oct 2019

    The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC, in partnership with major boiler manufacturers, installers and representatives from across the supply chain have revisited the Benchmark scheme and updated the commissioning checklist, to take it into 2020 and beyond.

  • 16SEP

    Boiler packaging label launched for Gas Safety Week

    16th Sep 2019

    Today marks the start of 2019’s Gas Safety Week. The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC, have supported the awareness-raising event since its inception in 2011. Of course, for those working with gas day in day out, this subject is never far from our mind during the other 51 weeks of the year.

  • 6AUG

    ECO3 will cost installers and consumers dearly

    6th Aug 2019

    The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) warn that the proposals in the Government consultation for the Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) threaten the livelihoods of thousands of heating and plumbing businesses.

  • 19JUN

    Red tape will leave the vulnerable cold and gas engineers frustrated

    19th Jun 2019

    Following the launch of ‘PAS 2035’ the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC, warn that the changes, could leave vulnerable without heating and will impede the professionals trying to do their job.

  • 8APR

    Boiler Plus has delivered innovation and efficiencies for consumers

    8th Apr 2019

    The introduction of Boiler Plus legislation in April 2018 has encouraged innovation within the industry and delivered a greater range of heating system products for consumers to choose from, says the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC).

  • 26MAR

    Modernising and Decarbonising the UK Energy Sector: Reducing Carbon Intensity to Hit Deadline Targets

    26th Mar 2019

    Wednesday 8th May 2019 | 08:40 - 13:25 | Central London

  • 13MAR

    Gas boilers are here to stay

    13th Mar 2019

    “The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) are pleased that the Government have indicated that gas boilers are here to stay, and are recognising the role of the gas grid in the future of heating, following the announcement that they will ‘accelerate the decarbonisation of our gas supplies by increasing the proportion of green gas in the grid.’

  • 11FEB

    Heating Engineers are the most trusted and helpful- says government consumer study

    11th Feb 2019

    Heating Engineers have been named as the top source of trusted advice by consumers, when installing or replacing their heating systems, in latest government survey.