News | Published on 10th Jun 2018

Green gas at heart of future heat framework

The Heating and Hotwater Industry council (HHIC) has today responded to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, BEIS’, call for evidence on “A future framework for heat in buildings”, informing them that decarbonising the gas grid, using green gas offers the most pragmatic, practical and cost effective solution to the energy trilemma.

HHIC believe that BEIS should work with industry on the research and development of green or ‘low carbon’ gases. Green gas, whatever the source, offers a viable way forward using our existing gas infrastructure, which would negate any need to transition homes away from their existing appliance type, stabilising cost and reducing disruption to the consumer.

Stewart Clements, Director of HHIC, said:

“The gas grid currently delivers gas into the homes over 85% of the UK population. Rather than rip out heating systems, the most sensible, and realistic option is to decarbonise the gas going into the grid. By using green gases affordable and sustainable solutions can be provided and we encourage BEIS to pursue the decarbonised gas route in terms of the future of heat.”

You can read the HHIC’s response in full here.