News | Published on 7th Sep 2020

Heat Pump industry growth calls for Benchmark Scheme refresh

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC, are delighted to announce that Heat Pump manufacturers across the UK have joined together to refresh the Heat Pump Benchmark commissioning checklist in line with latest legislation, which forms part of the warranty of the appliance.

Stewart Clements, Director, HHIC said;

“Benchmark is a nationally recognised scheme that places responsibilities on both manufacturers and installers to ensure best practice in installation, commissioning and servicing of domestic heating and hot water products in line with Building Regulations in England and Wales. This refresh comes at a time when we are seeing an increase in demand across the heat pump industry and also growth within our membership.”

“Refreshing the checklists to ensure the latest legislation requirements are met is good for manufacturers, consumers, and installers alike. It demonstrates to the manufacturer that their product has been fitted correctly in line with their instructions, it protects the consumer by ensuring that the product is installed correctly and safely and in line with current legislation. It provides installers, who are already familiar with Benchmark, the assurance, and documentation showing that they have completed the works to the necessary standard.”

“Benchmark will be undergoing some radical changes over the coming months. Refreshing the portfolio is just the beginning and reflects that the scheme is keeping up with the industry.”

You can find the full Heat Pump benchmark checklist here.