News | Published on 15th Jun 2016

HHIC calls on heating industry to tackle ‘fake’ spares market

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC is reminding installers to stay alert and avoid using fake spare parts when they undertake boiler servicing.

Stewart Clements, Director of HHIC said “Heating engineers are liable for all of the work they carry out on a central heating system and this liability extends to any replacement parts they purchase and fit.

Many ‘spare parts’ carry a CE mark and claim to be an exact replica of the manufacturer's own part, but they won’t necessarily have been subject to the rigorous testing process on the actual boiler they are being sold for or they could be made of substandard material. If they fail, at best the boiler warranty is invalidated or at worst they could prove dangerous, jeopardising the safety of the heating system.

We know that fake spares are encroaching into the market and so we are asking installers to be vigilant and report any fake heating components to Trading Standards.

The entire heating industry needs to work together to tackle this issue and we are calling on installers to stay fake free.”