News | Published on 25th May 2016

HHIC Director to represent UK heating industry at EHI Executive Council

Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC Director, Stewart Clements has been invited to sit on the Association of the European Heating Industry, EHI Executive Council. The next meeting is taking place in Spain, on 9th June 2016.

Mr Clements said “I am delighted to receive and accept this invitation. The heating industry in the UK has had a busy twelve months and I welcome the opportunity to share our activity, particularly how the recent legislative framework has influenced market development. I am also keen to hear what has been happening in other countries. No one country has all the answers. Being part of EHI helps us to learn from each other and understand the wider heating market. 

I look forward to contributing to the shaping of European Heat Policy, not just to support the UK heating market but the wider market too. Many of our members operate across Europe; therefore we need to be able to influence any policies that may affect them.”