News | Published on 7th Jul 2020

HHIC launch Heat Pump Charter to protect consumers against dodgy appliances and poor installs

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC, has produced a “Heat Pump Charter” aimed at ensuring the best consumer experience is obtained when heat pumps are installed, replacing other systems. It is a starting point; and represents the minimum requirements needed to give consumers confidence that their new heating system will deliver the affordability, warmth and comfort they expect.

Stewart Clements, Director, HHIC said;

“The heating industry wants to give consumers greater protection than is currently afforded by Government. This Charter takes the protections that the Government has in place and limited for the taxpayer and extends them to all consumers.”

“For example, the Government currently believes proper insulation should be in place before a taxpayer-subsidy is awarded for a heat pump installation, but not if the consumer pays for the appliance. We want all consumers to get the best performance from their new appliance and urge the Government to extend this requirement for all installations.”

“There is plenty of evidence to suggest that consumers are not always getting the product performance they thought they would. This Charter helps protect the consumer against dodgy appliances and poor installs.”

“With heat pump sales likely to soar in the coming years, it is important to get the right rules in place now. That’s why this Charter is so timely.”

“Nothing in this Charter is new; it simply collates existing best practice into one place. The heating industry is putting the consumer at the very heart of its thinking, now more than ever before, we need Government to back us up.”

Download ‘The Heat Pump Charter’ here.