News | Published on 10th Aug 2016

Newly formed BEIS addresses heating industry

Neil Witney, Senior Policy Advisor from the newly formed Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, BEIS met with the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC members today to further strengthen Government and industry relations.

Stewart Clements, Director of HHIC said “HHIC has a long and trusted history of working with Ministers and Government officials and we are eager to continue in this vain. We have witnessed many changes in the political arena in the past few weeks and months and we are keen to ensure that relationships are fostered to deliver on our carbon reduction targets.

Mr Witney will be sharing how BEIS will work, including similarities and differences to the recently disbanded DECC. Our discussions will also cover the wider energy efficiency remit, decarbonisation of heat, new technologies and domestic heat policy.

We are all committed to improving energy efficiency so that domestic bills are reduced as less energy is consumed. To achieve this we must ensure that we are in on the ‘ground floor’ as policies are developed and this is why we are pleased that Mr Witney chose to join us today.”