News | Published on 18th Oct 2016

“Recognises that decarbonisation of heat is essential” says HHIC in response to the Committee on Climate Change report.

Responding to the publication of ‘Next Steps for UK Heat Policy’ published on Thursday 13th October by the Committee on Climate Change, the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC Director Stewart Clements said:

Considerable resources are being invested in the industry on ensuring better and more efficient delivery of gas, particularly in the Research and Development of ‘green or ‘low carbon’ gases. The heating industry has already delivered innovative products such as Gas Absorption Heat Pumps (GAHP) and Micro Combined Heat and Power (Micro CHP) units.

This report recognises the importance of the advancements made to the decarbonisation of heat and the potential contribution of green gas in helping the UK meets its renewable energy targets.

Green gas, whatever the source, offers a viable way forward using our existing gas infrastructure. There are a multitude of potential scenarios to be investigated, and a large number of variables to take into account. The role that gas will play in the energy mix of 2050 depends on several as yet unknowns: commercial developments, policy and regulatory decisions, and technological advances. The challenge for the industry going forward is talking to Government and offering scenarios that we can actually deliver.

Serious changes are needed, but a ‘one size fits all’ approach to energy supply and efficiency will not work. HHIC believe that it is vital that we have a mix of energy products and sources and are pleased that CCC is looking at all of the options”