News | Published on 21st Jun 2016

Success for HHIC as energy efficiency label rescaling for boilers is delayed for 8 years

The review of the boiler energy efficiency label rescaling will not start until 2023, some 8 years after all other household appliances. The news announced last week by the Industry and Energy (ITRE) Committee of the European Parliament, is a major coup for HHIC after months spent in tense negotiations.

Stewart Clements, Director of HHIC said “This is a great step for the heating industry and shows just how vital the work of all of the National associations and the Association of the European Heating Industry is. HHIC together with other National Associations have worked tirelessly to achieve this result and I couldn’t be happier.

Obviously, energy efficiency is key to reducing our carbon emissions and so it makes sense to have a European wide energy efficiency label across a range of products that is simple and clear for consumers to understand. However, boilers are slightly different in that they are usually purchased by the installers as opposed to the end users and Manufacturers are always investing in the development of new products that improve efficiency by using less energy. The decision to hold off on reviewing these labels makes complete sense.”

The ITRE Committee’s announcement confirmed that:

  • Space and water heaters should be rescaled after all other products.
  • The European Commission cannot review the label for heaters before 2023, meaning about 8 years after the introduction of the label for heating on the market.
  • The review will only mark the beginning of a process, rescaling will happen later. The energy efficiency label currently used on all household appliances across the EU will move to a simple A to G scale replacing the current system of A+, A++, A+++.