Press | Published on 1st Jun 2016

Trade events are essential to the entire supply chain

It can be challenging to find the time to attend trade events, especially when the ‘day job’ is stacking up, but aren’t you always glad when you leave the event full of get-up-and-go and a renewed enthusiasm for your industry that you have taken the time to attend? I know I am.

This year’s Installer event at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry was no different. Let me take you through a few of my highlights.


There was a lot to see with a clear emphasis on the continual improvement of heating products to make them smarter, and also incorporate the circular economy concept. I spoke with some manufacturers about their use of the EEBus initiative – Europe’s Internet of things initiative - to monitor the boiler for erroneous readings of sensors and fault-codes and how they have developed that to notify the user or even an external service provider in the event of breakdown or increased likelihood of this occurring.

Apps a plenty

We all know that the world is moving to an App enabled lifestyle but just when you think that all of the App concepts have been developed, another three appear. From Apps that use the consumers GPS to delay heating times and save energy-  if the user is stuck in traffic- to Apps packed with product information to support the installer when making a sale. There were also exhibitors offering guidance to installers on how to sell smart controls. It’s great to see that our industry is ahead of the game when it comes to the digital age.

Hands on

The event had a real ‘hands on’ vibe. Installers were trying out new products or talking through their heating system headaches with the technical designers. This is invaluable for both the installer and the manufacturer. 

Innovative attractions

Business aside, you can’t walk round a trade show without some sort of game or attraction luring you in. My particular favourite for this year was a ‘Game of Throne’ although I’m sure it wasn’t a standard sized toilet, either that or I’m not the penalty shooter I once was.